Critical Acclaim for Wiregrass to Appomattox

The following are excerpts from critical reviews of Wiregrass to Appomattox by James W. Parrish

“A lively account supplemented by many anecdotes and perspectives from previously unpublished primary sources.” Michael Russert, Civil War News, May 2009

“In terms of illustrations, author and publisher went far beyond the norm.”   “Wiregrass to Appomattox is an impressively researched, detail oriented, and comprehensive military history of the 50thGeorgia’s distinguished Civil War service.”
Andrew Wagenhoffer, “Civil War Books & Authors” blog

His writing is terse. His facts sing with accuracy. He has obviously followed in the footsteps of his regiment, and knows his men and their battles.” Richard N. Larsen, The Midwest Book Review

“A meticulous account of what happened to the 1,400 men in the regiment and the path that led from enlistment in 1862 to Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender in 1865.”  Sharon Kant-Rauch,Tallahassee Democrat newspaper

“Excellent maps and abundant modern-day views of the battle grounds on which the 50th Georgia fought enable the reader to follow the action in good order. This augments the volume’s usefulness as a battlefield companion. This history is a most welcome addition for any student of the Army of Northern Virginia. Mr. Parrish has done his research well, and the result is a solid account of a neglected regiment from a largely forgotten brigade. I highly recommend this book.” Dave Richards, Gettysburg NPS guide