Critical Acclaim for The Confederate Alamo

The following are excerpts from critical reviews of The Confederate Alamo by John Fox III

“Accumulating every available source on a Civil War engagement, and parlaying that evidence into a tactical narrative, always impresses men when it is well done. The dramatic, desperate defense of Fort Gregg makes for a riveting story.” Robert K. Krick,The Civil War Monitor magazine, Winter 2011

“Thoroughly researched, Mr. Fox’s tome is an impressive scholarly achievement. It is a well balanced presentation of the struggle, both inside and outside the fort, giving both the Confederate and Union points of view.” Jim Miller, Civil War Notebook Blog, February 27, 2011.

“The battle action is well written, entertaining, and ties in nicely with the regimental maps scattered throughout the book.” “Chapters are broken down chronologically and by unit with the alternating views of the action between the Confederate and Union perspective. This creates a growing tension in a desperate situation as the fort’s defenders are slowly whittled down in strength and ammunition.”  “A well-told account of one of the most dramatic last stands in the entire Civil War.” Brett Schulte, Beyond the Crater Blog, February 1, 2011.

“John Fox’s sweeping narrative, insightful analysis of events, and use of individual accounts personalizes combat during this very bloody battle at Petersburg. It is military history at its best.”  “This is the first full study of the attack and defense of Fort Gregg, and it will long remain the seminal portrait of this brief but bloody encounter.” Michael Russert, Civil War News, January 2011.

“While recounting the events surrounding the fight for Fort Gregg in exquisite detail, he also clearly explains the decisions of the commanders who shaped the engagement and vividly recounts the experiences of the soldiers who fought there.” “[A] fine addition to ‘drums and trumpets’ Civil War scholarship.” Ethan S. Rafuse, America’s Civil War magazine, November 2010.

“Traces the history of one of the key battles that broke the siege of Petersburg and led to the fall of Richmond and the Union’s victory. The book includes several maps and many photos.” Richmond Times-Dispatch, October 24, 2010.

“This is a powerfully written story and will make you proud of the Americans that fought for the Blue and Gray.” The Lone Star Book Review, August 2010.

“Fox has done an excellent job tracking down quite a number of unpublished primary sources on both sides and alternates between a tactical overview and the soldiers-eye perspective.” “This handsome volume is a great example of the sort of polished, professionally done book that is coming out of some of the better small presses today.” Fred Ray, TOCWOC- A Civil War blog, July 23, 2010, and author of Shock Troops of the Confederacy

“The end result is an hour-to-hour, sometimes minute-to-minute account of the battle that puts the reader in the middle of the chaos inside Fort Gregg. And while Fox uses different ‘voices’ in the narrative by extensively quoting the participants, the effect flows seamlessly.” C. L. Bragg, author of Never for Want of Powder.

The Confederate Alamo is an impressive demonstration of author John Fox’s skill as a researcher and writer of Civil War tactical battle history. Every student captivated by the military historical aspects of the Petersburg Campaign will want a copy of this fine book. It is highly recommended.” Andrew Wagenhoffer, Civil War Books and Authors Blog, June 3, 2010.

“A riveting story of how 334 bedraggled and battle-weary Confederates stood fast against two Union corps on the morning and afternoon of April 2.” “The result is a book meticulously researched, rich in detail and compelling story lines.” Adrian O’Connor, The Winchester Star, April 28, 2010.