Stuart’s Finest Hour: Table of Contents

Preface & Acknowledgments

  1. On to Richmond
  2. White House Landing on the Pamunkey River
  3. Jeb Stuart and Philip St. George Cooke: The In-Law Problem
  4. More Indecision Near Richmond
  5. Big Decisions for General Lee
  6. What Is On the Union Right Flank?
  7. The Battles of George McClellan
  8. Planning for the Great Chickahominy Raid
  9. The Raid Begins
  10. First Contact at Hanover Court House
  11. Haw’s Shop to Totopotomoy Creek: A Running Fight
  12. Collision Near Linney’s Corner
  13. A Momentous Decision at Old Church
  14. Deeper Behind Federal Lines
  15. Panic on the Pamunkey River
  16. Cutting the Union Supply Line at Tunstall’s Station
  17. Chaos at White House Landing
  18. The Fog of War
  19. A Brief Respite at Talleysville
  20. Trapped?
  21. “Hope To Punish Them”
  22. Headed for Richmond
  23. Safe Again
  • Appendix A: Order of Battle
  • Appendix B: The Burial of Captain William Latane
  • Appendix C: The Old Church Decision
  • Appendix D: Route of the Ride
  • Appendix E: Directions for Tracing Stuart’s Route Today
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author


  • Area of Operations  –   May – June 1862
  • Pamunkey River Area
  • Chickahominy River Area
  • Route of Stuart’s Chickahominy Raid, June 12 – 15, 1862
  • Stuart’s Raid: Winston’s Farm to Tunstall’s Station
  • Fight Near Linney’s Corner
  • Stuart’s Raid: Tunstall’s Station to Richmond

Numerous illustrations have been placed throughout the text.