Jeb Stuart Birth Month Celebration

Jeb Stuart Birth Month Celebration

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February 6 marks the 184th anniversary of Confederate Major General Jeb Stuart’s birth in 1833 at Laurel Hill in Patrick County, Virginia. For a concise bio on Jeb Stuart see the Civil War Trust link. We at Angle Valley Press want to honor the memory of Stuart during February. His ability to lead from the front garnered him much love and praise from his men and he truly was the Bold Cavalier for the ages. [See Sale Special at bottom to honor General Stuart]

Below is an excerpt from a letter written by then Lieutenant Jeb Stuart [U.S. Army] as he wrestled with the fateful decision whether to remain in the U.S. Army or resign and side with his home state of Virginia.

Major General Jeb Stuart, CSA

Letter by J.E.B. Stuart to Major Henry Hill from Fort Wise, Kansas Territory, January 11, 1861

“For my part I have had no hesitancy from the first that, right or wrong, alone or otherwise, I go with Virginia and I know very well where to find you. Of course, every true patriot deplores even the possibility of disunion, yet let its blessings not be purchased at too great a price. Put equality and independence in one scale and Union in the other, and if the latter outweigh the former, I for one would, like Brennus, throw my sabre in the scale consecrated by the principles and blood of our forefathers – our constitutional rights without which the Union is a mere mockery.  [The Letters of J.E.B. Stuart, edited by Adele H. Mitchell, The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society, 1990]


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