Critical Acclaim for Southerners at Rest

The following are excerpts of critical reviews of Southerners at Rest by Chris Ferguson

“An authoritative compilation, it is clear that Southerners at Restwill be a valuable addition to institutional reference libraries and personal collections alike.”  Andrew Wagenhoffer, “Civil War Books and Authors” blog.

“Ferguson has sifted through countless archival documents to piece together a definitive and thoroughly accurate reference.” James A. Cox, “The Midwest Book Review” War

Southerners at Rest will likely be of immense use to anyone keeping track of the Army of Northern Virginia, and it should become a classic reference of lasting value.”  Robert K. Krick,Civil War Times, June 2008

“Individual readers will find Southerners at Rest to be impressive in its scope and fascinating in detail, but the book will also prove to be a valuable resource for libraries and genealogists.”  C.L. Bragg, Confederate Veteran, January/February 2009

“The author has put an enormous amount of work into the volume and it shows.”  Blake Magner, Civil War News, October 2008