Southerners at Rest by Chris Ferguson [hardcover]




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Southerners at Rest: Confederate Dead at Hollywood Cemetery

Foreword by Robert  E. L. Krick,  Richmond National Park Service historian

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The only accurate & comprehensive roster of Hollywood Cemetery Confederates in print!

First edition includes no tax for website & mail orders! Finally after 138-years, a historian has taken the time to update the list of Confederate dead buried in one of the most beautiful and sacred places – Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. The Southern soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their young country and were buried at Hollywood, usually with little pomp or ceremony, have been waiting for proper recognition for a long time. Now, thanks to Hollywood Cemetery expert and historian Chris Ferguson the cry of these brave soldiers from across the ages has finally been answered. This is the first comprehensive and accurate roster of Confederate dead buried in the South’s most famous cemetery. Nearly 14,000 soldiers listed by name, rank, unit, birth & death dates, burial plot, and brief personal comments. Nothing like this exists anywhere!

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